Installing Outdoor Porch Lights

Outdoor Porch Lights – Deck lights are a good addition to any home. They enhance the beauty of the home as well as add the additional security benefit. Installing the porch lights where there has never been any requires some knowledge of working with electricity. First, you will have to find in the junction box is for the porch lights. Once you have located the junction box it is just a matter of wiring a new box and installing the porch light. Mark the area in which you want to install the porch light.

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It is a good idea to locate the outdoor porch lights as close to the old junction box as possible. This will reduce the amount of cable you need to operate. Turn off the power to the old junction box before turning off the circuit breaker. It is a good idea to turn off the main power if you are not sure which switch operates the junction box. Place the new junction box in the place you have marked for the light installation.

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Secure the device to the mounting plate with the hardware provided. Install outdoor porch lights and attach the decorative light cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn on the computer and test your light. Remember, always turn off the power before working with electricity.

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