Ideal Drought Resistant Landscaping Plants

Drought resistant landscaping – At any given time, your area may experience periods of drought. And local short or prolong local councils could impose irrigation restrictions. Irrigation restrictions always prohibit the use of hand watering hose. And then drip irrigation devices for lawns. And also private gardens. Which can mean a disaster for landscapers and gardeners. How can plants be maintaine during periods of drought? You could add mulch and compost to the soil to help retain soil moisture.

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You can also conserve water by collecting rainwater in rain barrels. And recycling your dishwasher and washing clothes with water for use in your plants. However, another alternative is to plant drought resistant landscaping plants. Take a look around your habitat and look for native plants. Plants that are native to your area are accustomed to their climate, adapt well to changes. And have less need for care and water. Group similar plants together at the time of planting.

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Usually, when people think of drought resistant landscaping plants, cactus immediately comes to mind. While cacti are very low plants-resistant to extreme sunlight maintenance. And also very little water-your garden may include drought-resistant foliage plants.  You can also substitute lots of lawns with drought-resistant shrubs and also creepers.

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