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Lifescapes landscaping concrete borders add definition and texture to a lawn. They frame a walkway and help separate the flower beds while reducing the amount of mulch or gravel that will spill on your grass. Installing concrete borders is a home improvement projects you can do yourself a weekend. When everything is finish, you have less maintenance for many years to come as the concrete is extremely durable.

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Remove grass and dirt from the area you plan to add concrete border lifescapes landscaping. Dig a 4-inch trench the width of the border, plus an additional 4 inches of wood frame. Construct your wooden frames, also known as forms. Using boards that are at least 6 inches wide and screw. Or nail them in the trenches alongside the height of the border. You can set your concrete edging. So it is flush with the ground to provide a seamless look between grass and plants. Also raise the concrete for a more formal border.

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Lifescapes landscaping, attach the 2-by-4 inch wooden stakes to the forms. Stake out forms in the ground vertically or at a slight angle if you want the border to the sloping look. Mix concrete according to manufacturer’s instructions. Adding a dye of metallic oxides to tint the mixture, if desired.

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