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Midwest landscaping motives have long been part of American décor and furnishings. The breath in the west is a popular choice when it comes to giving a home or room a theme. The West creates a sense of adventure, freedom and the American spirit. One way to create an atmosphere of the American West in your home is to design a kitchen backsplash with this theme.

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One way to identify with the Midwest landscaping, and translate it into your backsplash is in color. Some colors are suggestive of this part of the United States and are a common choice among decorators whose customers ask for a Western look. Natural colors like brown, bronze, gold and light blues are the most common. Look for colors with names that are suggestive in the West, such as Tucson Bronze or Navajo Red.

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Sketch on a design that has a traditional image of the Midwest landscaping. Some popular choices may be cowboys, sunrises and sunsets, cacti or wolves. Design a pattern with tile colors that create one of these images. If you need, take the help of an artist to draw your design, and then translate that image with tiles.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a western backsplash is with tiles that have pictures of the West. You can find tiles that have a picture of a cowboy, horse, or western flowers. Create a solid color tile frame, and have tiles with a picture in the middle. Or use a variety of plates scattered throughout the backsplash to create a Western assembly.

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