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Landscape berm add height to the landscape as well as privacy. Properly landscaped, a berm can be a sign by itself. Create a berm for floor mounting at a desired height, making the Loma area. Most plants are suitable for berm gardens. When creating any new garden area, consider plant growth requirements, such as light and water. When planting several species together on the berm, use varieties that have the same growth requirements for minor problems.

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Draw a landscape berm, listing its height, width and length. List the plants you are adding together with their mature height and propagation. This gives you an idea of ​​how many plants you need to cover the berm and how to space them. System the highest plants in the upper level of the berm. Consider using a stepped pattern, using a single sample at the top center or using three plants with one in the center and the other at the outer edges. Small plumeria, crape myrtle and ligustrum trees work well on berm plantations.

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Then, add a second layer of perennials that are about half to one-third the height of the plants in the top layer. Consider using flower shrubs or colorful foliage to add color to the landscape berm area. Plants such as gardenia, hawthorn India, bird of paradise and croton work plantations as well as workshop, second level.

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